Move in day

In September I will be “officially” moving in with Ed. I already am spending most of the week there… and we have been discussing this for some time. Last night we went out to dinner at a local restaraunt and began talking about how this could all take place. It is a scary thing for him, taking on my kids as well … but we have been having the kids stay with us each Saturday night for the past month. And last saturday they helped us set up for Ed’s birthday party (Polynesian theme.) My son had said something… dont even remember what now, but my response to him was “That’s what families do” (help each other out.) Apparently it made Ed really think about what he wanted … and family is a leap he is willing to make. Of course, I was happy to say “yes” to the whole plan. This is scary for me as well… I have seen too many gay relationships that were selfish… but I am willing to risk it….. maybe I will start blogging again…. Just so everyone knows that beauty can come from ashes….

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  1. Blessings on new doors opening.

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