Heven resides

Today was move in day. I rented a uhaul and had all the things staged and ready to go by ten AM. we first had a huge delivery to good will. One of the things that has happened is that I have had to basically disinvest one entire household. We have no need for two and three sets of everything. All my kitchen items, dishes, towels, gone. Beds…. gone. Most of these things were in need of being replaced. With just me in the house I never felt the need to get new things… What I brought with me over here fit into one Uhaul cargo van. Period. My bed (for the guest room) two night stands, a dresser. My new computer… clothes. some forks. a few baking dishes. All my spices. That’s it

Last night we were lying in bed after some intense physical activity. He began to talk how he always wanted to have someone who he could be intense with both sexually and mentally/emotionally. He found that in me. I can say the same thing.

Having lived here for 70 percent of each week for the last five months it is not that much of a transition. We cook together in the kitchen, work in the garden together… go out to plays and various activities that go on in the LGBT community in town. I go to synagogue with him…Life is good. Totally different from what I had, but I love it. There is no hiding the real me… no two person dichotomy to deal with. No hiding how sexually horny I am all the time. No hiding anything… this type of intimacy is what I always wanted…. So… maybe I will continue this blog just because this side of the tunnel is so good…. And i want everyone in the tunnel tonot give up…to continue on to where your heaven resides.

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2 Responses to Heven resides

  1. Jim says:

    You have always been an inspiration for me. I am so happy that you have finally arrived at the home (not house) that you have always dreamed of. You deserve it, my friend.


  2. THough I am envious, it gives me hope. I rejoice with you both!

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