I have been in Mexico for a week now. We were supposed to go to san fransisco, but Ed felt sick and the short story is that we have ended up on the beach in Mexico. Just the two of us. There was another gay couple here earlier in the week that we spent some time with…it was fun, but it has been fun just being the two of us.

Life seems so same/different now. I have a friend at church who asked me how it was different being in a relationship with a man than it was with a woman. I couldn’t even begin to answer. It is the same/different. The bond is definately there; more so than when I was with a woman. This is natural. this is real. This is me not having to hide. But the relationship has the same pitfalls…It is a struggle to stay honest and real. Emotions are hard. But even there it is amazingly simple. I get grumpy. Ed notes it off the bat… and has determined that there are two situations in which I get grumpy. I am hungry… or I am horny…. so much for my veneer of complexity. At that it is so refreshing to wake up next to him every day. To go to sleep next to him every night. To have those times of incredible passion and to have those times where we see each other at our worst. I told him I want both. I want it all.

This next year we are going to Matzatlan…. to Charleston SC for a music festival… to Denver for the gay chorus meeting….. and back to SF. We are exploring how to become expatriots and where….

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